Love Never Dies

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Upcoming Events

  • Postponed - The Spirit of Christmas!
    Thu, Mar 18
    The Zoetic Company Ltd.
    Mar 18, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
    The Zoetic Company Ltd., 526 Concession St, Hamilton, ON L8V 1A6, Canada
    Come & enjoy some Christmas cheer with our loved ones in Heaven and celebrate the craziest year of our lives!! Merry Christmas

Upcoming Group Coaching

  • Allow me to bring you closer to the Angels! 11th February 2021- 7.30pm

    50 Canadian dollars
  • 12 Weeks - One Course - Life Changing

    777 Canadian dollars
  • A Fast Track Mediumship Development Course!

    333 Canadian dollars
  • Specifically for Teenagers - aged 13 to 19

    333 Canadian dollars


A Unique Medium

My name is Kelly Smart, I am an Intuitive Psychic Medium, Spiritual Coach & Mentor - I am a Healer!

I work closely with the Angels, the Universe or Source - however you like to refer to them - I like to call them the Big Guys!! Or my crew!!

I am able to receive information from the Big Guys either through sight, sound or feelings and pass that information onto you! I communicate with Spirit constantly and they never fail to inspire me! Whether through tears or moments of revelation but always with a lot of laughter - they have never let me down



Love Never Dies

A thorough healing & insightful experience whereby the connection cannot be denied!

We will tune into your higher guidance to see where your path leads from here, all while your Passed Loved Ones and Angels provide evidence & validation that they are there right by your side, every step of the way, helping you let go of anything that may be holding you back!

Every reading is completely different from another, as the intention is always set for YOU to receive exactly what YOU need! However, the guidance always comes from above, sometimes we can't put a name to who is delivering the message, but that you most definitely need to hear it!


$150 - 60 minutes

Most Popular

An in depth connection with you, your Passed Loved Ones and Angels! Sit back and enjoy the validations of love, peace and joy! Guidance and messages that will truly validate that you are never alone, that love never dies!

To truly receive the most from this experience ensure that you have no expectations and that you are open to receive, its not about want we want, but it is always about what we need!


$90 - 30 minutes

A fast paced opportunity to check in with your loved ones and your higher guidance. To bring you back to the present moment and ensure that you're on the right track!


$150 - 60 minutes

What could be more gratifying than hanging out with YOUR Spiritual Team?

Allow me to show you how that feels during this unique healing experience!

We will raise your vibration by clearing your mind, body and soul from anything that doesn't serve you while the Angels fill you with pure Divine Light.


$60 per person

We may be currently safe at home, but that doesn't mean we can't have a party.  

Get your friends together virtually and invite me to join!

We will get together over Zoom - with a Maximum of 20 guests but no less than 10! I will channel messages to those I am drawn to for a maximum of 2 hours!

I understand that most wish to get into the party spirit however, I request that no alcohol be consumed.  I also ask that everyone be respectful and open to receive!

Contact me directly to Book

Payment is required in full for confirmation of the booking

Divine Healing


I absolutely love what I do, and there are fewer things I love more than teaching someone else how they can do it too!

You see, we are all psychic! We are all gifted in our very own beautiful way! 

We are all divine! We are all light!

When you are able to guide someone through a journey of healing, growth and expansion, there is no greater gift than being a witness to their own realization of this!

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