How it all began!

There was always something a little different: I would know I was not alone! My imagination (or so I thought) was my favourite place to be! I would be able to move objects just by looking at them and my best friend was a little pink fairy - ha, she still is! I would be at school, and I would be reciting the class at the same time as the teacher! I would feel my pillow being plumped up as a strand of my hair would get caught, and the duvet would tighten over me as someone would sit on my bed. I would just know things!
As I got into my late teens things got a little hazy and even scary, but it was also the first time I saw a spirit! A white apparition of a man who had given me a nudge to let me know he was there, he provided me with so much comfort, a validation that I was not going crazy! However, I was so open, a beacon if you will, and I didn’t know how to control it, so the easiest thing to do was shut down, shut it all down!
They’ve always been there though. I moved to Malta in 2005 and they moved with me, providing validations and comfort when needed.
I moved to Canada in 2014 and again they moved with me, never giving up on me and never losing hope that I would again be open.
A very special lady, a very special friend of mine passed in 2015 and I can quite honestly say she has not left my side since, between her and my Grandma, who passed when I was 7, I have been receiving the proverbial kick up the bum to get things going again.  I have learnt!
I have learnt how to quiet my mind and trust my intuition, how to ground and protect myself and more importantly, just how beautiful the world is. The beauty that I have seen and experienced in the past 5 years is incomprehensible, there are no words that can do it justice. Believe me I have tried to explain to my husband!
If, and its a big if, I can just help one person see, or help one person receive a message, or actually show them that they have been receiving messages, or show that one person that they are strong, they are beautiful, they are special - then I have lived up to my highest purpose, and that is all I wish to do! To share the LOVE!
So how do I do it; well in quite a lot of ways. I am Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient. Which basically means that I can see, hear and feel energies, not just those whom have passed but those who are living too.
I am a Medium, which means I can communicate with spirit and I can also channel them, so if you were to show me a picture of someone who had passed over, 99% of the time I can connect with them.
On top of all this, I am an Empath! This means that when I connect with you, you being living or passed, I can feel what you feel!
I hope this explains just a little about me, where I have come from and where I hope to go.
I am truly so excited to spread the love and light!


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