Dealing with the Darkness - The Beauty Within!

I have all of these words, these thoughts inside of me, I feel sick to the stomach with excitement, nervousness, anxiety, regret and yet on some level – peace, happiness, and jubilation because I know what I need to do now and more so, I now know why!

But how do I get it to make sense? Is there an order or just a scrambled mish mash of events that will only truly make sense when I’m at the end? But this is not the end, this is literally the beginning!

Will people like it? What if it scares people? What if people think I am even more crazy?

It doesn't matter - let it go!

"To be afraid of the darkness, is to be afraid of oneself!" - The 47

Imagine the stillness of the water, and as the sun begins to set, the water turns from a beautiful blue to a murky grey!

Everyday we witness the sunrise and the sunset, making way for the moon to be the torch as the darkness of the night takes form. Yet it is only through the darkness we can experience the beauty of the moon and effervescence of the stars! We don't judge the stars for only shining through the night! We have never wondered why instead, they don't shine during the day! Maybe they do, we just don't recognise them as there is already so much light in the sky! We have to succumb to the thick black sky to admire the Beauty Within!

The universe, this Earth, the process of night and day is our greatest teacher for balance! There is no Light VS Dark, it is only Light AND Dark, working in harmony, perfectly aligned, having the greatest respect for one another! Each having time to flow and restore the natural balance.

If our Universe needs time for both the light and the dark doesn't that teach us the importance of our own self acknowledgment. We need time to rest, to recuperate, rejuvenate and process! But still we try to hide from the darkness when instead we should be embracing it!

I have been afraid of the darkness all of my life, even now I have to have the TV or a light on! A couple of nights ago my crew urged for me to turn the light off! As I lay there and closed my eyes the darkness seemed to deepen, it was strange for me as I very rarely receive a stillness when I close my eyes. It was completely black. "Just breathe" I heard. I was completely safe and yet a little nervous as this is not my comfortable place! Five minutes must have passed before the Angels made their presence clear. The vibrancy of pinks, yellows, greens and purples soon flooded my vision, safe in the knowledge that I am surrounded with love!

In this very moment of presence and clarity I found my strength in my vulnerability. I found the Beauty within!

All my love,

Kelly xo

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