The Path to True Enlightenment

​My psychic guidance comes from a soul level of unconditional love in which my clients find a deep connection and trusted environment for learning.​ With so many individuals embarking on their own spiritual paths and awakenings this has become one of my most popular services!  I find so much joy in helping clients reach their highest potential, to heal and to let go of everything that has been holding them back!

Whether you are drawn to the group class or private 121's you will learn how be able to connect with your own spiritual guides and angels, to form a connection with the divine world, to bring peace and ownership back into your life and above all to feel joy & peace!




Wednesday Evenings - 7pm EST

This is a Beginner to Intermediate group based course that will provide you with a solid foundation to either continue learning, embrace a new life path or simply incorporate into your general day to day!

But whatever the reason, it will Change your Life!

You will be provided with inspiration, clarity and strength in helping you uncover your intuitive and psychic abilities!

Duration - 6 months

12 Workshops - Bi Weekly - Online

Starts March 10th 2021

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Only Available to Graduates of 101!

Hold on as we delve deeper into your spiritual side, while continuing to heal and open our hearts to an abundance of love!

Your vibrations are getting higher and the mundane day to day that used to rile you is no longer a blip on your radar!

You have come so far, grown so much and you are literally just getting started!

Duration - Six Months

12 Workshops - Bi Weekly - Online

Starts April 29th 2021 at 7pm

Solar System



A complete one on one development journey, to enhance not only your spiritual but also your physical path!  We will delve into all aspects of your present and thoroughly work through every facet to ensure balance, stability and growth are manifested! You will build relationships with your guides and angels, tune into your intuition and build strength and confidence in all aspects of your life! 

Duration - 6 Months

Six - 90 minute - Online Calls - Scheduled Monthly

Homework Provided 


I took Kelly's 101 class without knowing what to expect or how it would help me, considering I had no prior experience. I hoped that her class would heighten senses and intuition that I knew I had within me. Her class did and so much more! Kelly is an incredibly kind, funny and genuinely warm hearted individual. I look forward to class to learn from her and the others whom are in the class that all have various talents of their own to share and learn from. I have learned about my arc Angel's and how they can support me, how to meditate and be present. My 2 favorite classes were learning to read Oracle cards and energy colors. Not only have I heightened my awareness around me but I have learned I truly do have a hidden talent or two!!! Thank you Kelly for teaching me how to hone in on skills I have always had within me! I would reccomend this class for anyone without experience or with! Thank you Kelly!

Debbie, Canada


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