I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly in my store awhile back and i was instantly drawn to her pure energy. She told me she was a medium (believe me when i say i have met many people who tell me they are a medium). I have had a few readings in my life with "medium's " and have been very disappointed. It seemed in my opinion that the information was very general. I booked a reading with Kelly last night hopeing to connect with my brother who had passed exactly 2 years to the date of my reading. To say I was floored at the accuracy of her messages for me from him is an understatement. She told me things that only my brother & I would know. Gave me accurate descriptions and answered all my questions. If you have lost someone & wsnt to connect with them i highly recomend Kelly. She is a kind gentle soul who truly can connect with the deceased. Kelly is a light in this world who shares her gift with Love & compassion. Thank you so much Bella xo


Great experience👌 She is very down to earth and has an amazing gift. Thank you Kelly for an amazing experience! Hearing you validate all the feelings that I had going on, helped put me at peace. That heavy weight I felt on my chest has lifted. 😁 My grandmother, who I loved so much coming through, words can't say enough. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift!


Kelly is such a beautiful soul. I had such an amazing experience. She was able to capture my emotions, listen with her heart and help me speak to my loved ones who I miss dearly. I feel like this was life changing and have so much more faith in myself and my path. My worth is more valuable than I ever gave myself credit for and I deserve greatness. Thank you Kelly for helping me discover this. You are truly awesome.


Kelly has an amazing gift and you can really feel her energy... very accurate and quite scary but in a good way how she can tell you things that nobody else could possible know...


Just had the best hour video call with Kelly.. words cannot express how grateful I am for the reading and kind words. This was truly a life changing experience that I have desperately needed for the past four years. She contacted two of my passed loved ones and gave me a deeper understanding of why my soul feels the way I do and I feel much more at peace with my past knowing it happened for a reason and I will get where i need to be, with patience and determination. Thank you so much!!!
Highly suggest having her do a reading for you!



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