What People Say!

I just love hearing your feedback

Stana,  Canada

Where do I start! Kelly is just phenomenal! It is truly hard to properly put into words the experience of a reading and a healing session! Her readings are eye-opening, thought-provoking and very insightful! She makes you feel very comfortable and takes you on a journey in the healing session! She is truly gifted in the ways of communicating with Spirit and receiving divine messages and guidance.

Janice, Canada

I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly in my store awhile back and i was instantly drawn to her pure energy. She told me she was a medium (believe me when i say i have met many people who tell me they are a medium). I have had a few readings in my life with "medium's " and have been very disappointed. It seemed in my opinion that the information was very general. I booked a reading with Kelly last night hoping to connect with my brother who had passed exactly 2 years to the date of my reading. To say I was floored at the accuracy of her messages for me from him is an understatement. She told me things that only my brother & I would know. Gave me accurate descriptions and answered all my questions. If you have lost someone & want to connect with them i highly recommend Kelly. She is a kind gentle soul who truly can connect with the deceased. Kelly is a light in this world who shares her gift with Love & compassion.

Thank you so much Bella xo

Gabrielle, Canada

Just had the best hour video call with Kelly.. words cannot express how grateful I am for the reading and kind words. This was truly a life changing experience that I have desperately needed for the past four years. She contacted two of my passed loved ones and gave me a deeper understanding of why my soul feels the way I do and I feel much more at peace with my past knowing it happened for a reason and I will get where i need to be, with patience and determination. Thank you so much!!!
Highly suggest having her do a reading for you!

Tami,  Canada

There are really are no words to properly describe how amazing this woman is. From the moment you meet her, she exudes love and light. I have had the pleasure of meeting with Kelly a couple of times and both times the experience was wonderful. She was able to accurately give a timetable of future events and showed me that my loved ones are close by. I left with a better sense of self and a higher sense of peace. I cannot recommend her enough. I will be seeing her again soon for a healing and anytime I need some clarity in my life. Thank you Kelly. You are truly a blessing.

Lorraine,  Canada

Kelly Smart is truly gifted. She can connect with loved ones and bring loving messages to you, Her intuition is spot on and her personality is light and engaging. Her reading with me last year was very accurate. I recently had her as my teacher for the Enlightenment 101 class. This 12 week course was jam packed with tons of info and hand on skills every week. Kelly ensured each and every person has a voice, shares input and feedback from her. She is always fun and never judgemental. She recognizes every individual is special in HOW they learn and what skills they may have as no two people are the same. This was a turning point for me and I appreciated her methodology. Because of COVID we did our entire course virtually and this did NOT impact the quality of learning but only enhanced what she always tells us- You can connect with anyone anywhere using anything.!! If you are interested to explore your intuitive skills or you just want something new, fun and interesting to try on, this is for you!! Can't wait to go to the next level with Kelly! Thanks for being such an inspiration and great teacher xx

Vanessa,  Canada

I had been looking for an intuitive medium and found Kelly via a friend. I felt drawn to Kelly from the moment my friend showed me her reading. I have had private and group readings and healings, participated in her workshops and am registered in her 101 class. Her messages from spirit are filled with love, laughter and light. Kelly teaches us about self love, protection, manifestation and to have confidence as we build a life filled with good health, peace, gratitude and happiness. Thank you so much for all your guidance. xxx

Amy,  USA

Kelly is the full package! Brilliant, spot on, she goes the extra mile, but most of all; she’s truly caring.

I’ve had the privilege of having her as a teacher, and she is the BEST! She can see things in you, that you had no idea existed! She brings out confidence you didn’t know you had. And she genuinely loves to teach! And it shows in every class.

If you are drawn to her, like I was... I would recommend her classes, hands down! Nothing is a coincidence.

Sherry,  Canada

I’ve had a few readings with Kelly and appreciated all the messages and confirmations she provides. I also had a spiritual healing session which was a turning point for me as I noticed since that session, I feel much more spiritually awake and connected (it feels intense at times)! Thank you Kelly for your kindness, compassion and your gift! Highly recommend!